World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide

Will this be updated?

Yes, all throughout WoW it will be updated.


Are there farming spots?

Yes there is alot.

Are updates free?

Yes, 100% updates which will be sent via email.

How many pages?

52 pages.

Will this help me make gold?


Is this a PDF?


World of Warcraft Gold Making Guide by Boophie

Gold Making Guide Shadowlands by Boophie

Inside you will learn everything you need to know about making gold in WoW, from the best gold making classes, professions, addons, farming spots, secret methods, investments and much more...

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" My goal is to help as many people reach gold cap in World of Warcraft and be able to afford anything in game from mounts to the most OP gear in the game! "
- Boophie | 7 x Gold Capper

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Gold Making Guide Shadowlands by Boophie

In order to succeed in World of Warcraft, you will need a lot of gold. In addition to the millions of gold you will spend on your legendaries, mounts, gear, enchantments, and much more, you will also need to consistently purchase large quantities of consumables and utility items to stay competitive in serious raiding/PvP. Without enough gold, you will always be outclassed by players who do have enough. Thats why we have put together this gold making guide for WoW, helping you stay ahead and be loaded with gold always!

"This guide will be constantly updated throughout WoW, adding new methods and investments as the content is released into the live game (WoW)"